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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Home Agent - Patent Now Pending

Finally, a company that had a very BRIGHT idea! They have combined the power of tv, internet and network marketing into a thriving business. And the best news is that we can now become one of their in-home agents.

Earning $ every day while taking orders from their customers who are calling into their 800 number after a 30 minute infomertial. Imagine this concept...can you see it? Wow...I couldn't believe that someone actually dreamed this up. Donald Barret is the "idea man" and he came up with a business plan so unique, simple, profitable and ingenious. He eliminated the need to bug our relatives, friends and neighbors. Well...we never REALLY like bugging them, did we?

So this really levels the playing field for many people who have no business acumen. Every new Independent Business Owner (IBO) can take advantage of the training, mentoring and expert team help from the ITV Leaders Teams. Many people have followed the "yellow brick road" of promises to a dead-end heap of dusty ashes. You know - you've seen all those internet ads promising the "rags to riches" stories. The glitzy network ads displaying the cars, yachts, homes, etc, etc, etc.

Trust me, I recognized this opportunity the first time I saw it. I think you will too. Go check them out

Then I want you to come back and let me know what you saw.

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